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tv   The Early Show  CBS  April 13, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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wall street's on a roll as the dow closes above 11,000 in the first it time in 18 months pl we'll tell you that that can mean for the job and the american consumer. and president obama joins world leaders to try to stop terrorists from obtaining nuclear weapons. but is it too late? we'll bring you the latest from the white house. a woman is saved from certain death after a family's car plunges into raging waters. she calls her rescuers anxious bells and we'll met them in an exclusive interview. sgloo and conan o'brien out-foxs everyone by announcing his return to late night tv on cable. we'll tell you what he had to say about his big comeback early this tuesday morning april 13th, say about his big comeback early this tuesday morning april 13th, 2010. captioning funded by cbs
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good morning, everyone. i'm harry smith. >> i'm maggie rodriguez. yesterday we showed you this video of a woman increase california being rescued in a creek. but these firefighters step in, resk their own lives to get her out. and fortunately she lost her son and her husband in this tranldy, but she is alive thanks entirely to them. but we begin with wall street where the dow has been on a steady climb for more than a year. yesterday it closed above the 11,000 mark for the first time since september of 2008. rebecca jarvis is here it teto us what all this means. how far have we come since the worst of the recession? >> a long way. we're up 68% on the dow since the march lows during the recession in 2009, but we still have a long way to go to recoup
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the losses that we've taken over last couple years in order to get the dow back to where it was, we still have 29% more to climb on the dow. and things are looking like it's not going to be as fast as we saw the turnaround to this point in time. >> and something that's important to point out is that the stock market does not always mirror the economy. so i wouldn't be surprised if people are skeptical that it does that necessarily mean the economy is bouncing back, too. >> such a good point. the stock market is trying to reflect and forecast what the economy can be out in the future. and right now we haven't seen the kind of economic growth that stocks are actually reflecting. so some would say stocks are pricing in a recovery, but it's a recovery we haven't seen at this point. >> one indication that it's a true recovery will be when we see the reports coming out later this week of these major companies and whether they've turned a profit, but it has to be a real profit based on sales. >> a legitimate profit. you want to see top lean growth. you want to see companies generating sales and not just
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cost cutting their way to profits because cost cutting equates to jobs loss. and we want to see more jobs come back in order for the economy to grow and sustain growth long term. >> let's say we see the companies turning profits. it's still not unusual to see a pull back. >> not unusual at all. and many are anticipating that we will see a pull back coming up here in the next couple of weeks. we're in the midst of earnings season. we will hear from tech titans like google, we'll hear from top financial firms like jpmorgan, and previously in the last two years, what we've seen is after hearing reports from these companies, even when they're good, stocks tend to pull back right after we hear from these companies. >> it's what happens after the pull back that we'll look for. >> exactly. >> thank you so much. now over to harry. now to washington and specifically the white house where president obama's nuclear summit wraps up today. it's the largest gathering of
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world leaders hosted by a u.s. president since the 1945 conference that founded the united nations. and it's already yielded some quick results. cbs news chief white house correspondent has the details. >> reporter: the president is working on two fronts at this h summit. publicly, he is pushing these 46 nations to sign on to measures to lock up those loose nuclear tirms a materials, enough to make 120,000 nuclear bombs. privately he's spending a lot of time pushing china to sign on to u.n. sanctions depends iran. groups like al qaeda are aggressively trying to obtain loose nuclear materials and would not hesitate to use them according to tpresident's top terrorism adviser. >> we cannot wait any loaningng. >> reporter: ukraine announced it will send its entire stockpile out of the country, perhaps to the united states, by
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2012. in an hour and a half sideline meeting with china's president, president obama stressed the need for quick action against iran's nuclear program. china, which is key because it has veto power in the united nations security council, has shown a new willingness to consider sanctions against iran, but is still reluctant to fully endorse them because it gets so much of its oil from iran. cbs news, national kurt analyst juan sa rat itity says failure to stop iran's nuclear program could have catastrophic consequences. >> if iran acquires nuclear weapons or the expertise, you will see a nuclear arms race in the heart of the middle east are sue any arab states like saudi arabia, egiptypt feeling the ne to compete and develop their own nuclear material. >> reporter: now, at most international sum itds, they try to lower expectations to kind of soften the disappoint of not accomplishing much. at this summit, the president is
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taking the opposite approach. he is building up expectations promising that by the end of the day, there will be a concrete plan of specific actions to lock up those loose nukes. >> we'll look for you to the evening news tonight then, chip. thank you very much. the tennessee woman who sent herred a don'ted son back to russian alone on an airplane is refusing to couldn refusing to cooperate with authorities. whit johnson is in shelbyville with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the state department is sending a high level delegation to russia to address the adoption issue. what federal officials aren't doing is sending anybody here to shelbyville to help local authorities who are struggling to sort out the case. the tennessee woman who adopted a boy from russia, then sent him back with a one-way plane ticket, has chosen not to speak to stress gators. >> it's hard to deal with this case. >> reporter: sheriff randall
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boyce says torry hansen's decision strains an already confusion and complicated case. >> what we're going to do is everything we're big now do to make it right. >> reporter: his office is exploring possible charges from child endangerment to abuse. >> all i know is if there are allegations of abuse, so my job is to find out if in fact there was is something to support it. >> reporter: this is the government hopes its upcoming trip to moscow repairs adoption relations. russia has threatsened to freeze adoptions. sdl i think the arrangements are still being worked out, but cheerily this latest situation will be among those things discussed. >> reporter: americans adopteded nearly 1600 russian children last year. a seattle based agency that facilitated artyom savelyev's adoption said it was shocked and saddened by this turn of events. another family who adopted through the same agency says behavior problems are no reason to give up on a life long
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commitment. >> just very sad and disappointed because i do, i think there are resources out there that she could have tapped into. >> reporter: no one has answered the door here at the hansen home for several days. the sheriff says he's una waiver any previous incidents involving the family. harry? >> whit johnson in shelbyville. thank you. joining us now from moscow is u.s. am brass door to russia, john beyrle. mr. ambassador, good morning. >> good morning. >> you can give us any late word on artyom's health, his welfare, who is taking care of him? >> justin artyom is in one of the children's hospitals in moscow. we're in touch with the russian authorities at the hospital, also the russian ministry of foreign affairs. so we know he's being very well cared for right now. and we expect probably to go into see him a bit later today or tomorrow. >> russians are outraged by
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this. a russian friend of ours told us people in russia would not so much as let a little kitten out alone on the street so much as have -- put a young boy on an airplane and be sent back into the country the way this young child has been treated. are you feeling that same sort of outrage? >> definitely. there's been quite a lot of commentary on this in the russian press. i read a lot of russian blogs. but i have to say that it mirrors what i've been hearing from the united states, as well. a lot of people in the united states share that bewilderment that a parent would do this. >> there are about 1600 adoptions from russian that go to the united states every year, many of these are in flux now, many would dfsh be parents are very much on the fence wondering what's going to happen in the future. are you confident that the
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russians will in the end say yes we want to continue allowing americans to adopt kids from russia? >> s, i think so. we've made very clear to the russian side that we're willing to talk with them about some sort of a bilateral understanding where we assure that these sorts of things really can't happen, that we'd look more closely at the placement, the follow-up, where the children come from in russia. and our proposal to send a team out here to moscow has been accepted now by the russian government in principal and we're orking out the dates. probably next week when we'll start more formal discussions. >> we do appreciate your time this morning. and thank you very much and wish you good luck. >> thank you. now let's get the rest of the day's news. >> let's check in with betty nguyen who is in for erica hill
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on maternity leave. good morning. well, this morning a rare don't buy warning from consumer reports magazine for the 2010 lexus gx 460 suv. the safety warning was uncovered during routine tests and it involved the stability control system which failed to keep the vehicle in line. consumer reports says that could lead to a rollover during a turn causing serious injury or death. lexus says it's mystified by the test results on the gx 460 and will look into the matter. early this morning, the last bodies were removed from that west virginia coal mine where 29 miners died in an explosion. a memorial service was held. federal investigators are beginning to look into the cause. police in maryland are investigating officers involved in a beating last month. the incident was caught on tape and it apparently shows a college student being attacked by police unprovoked during a
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celebration after a basketball game. the students suffered a concussion and is now suing the police department. another student says he witnessed several incidents of police brutality that night. >> i saw like at least five of them before i saw gerls get hit from baton, like that standard rye at push with the baton. >> one officer involved in the incident had claimed the student assaulted them, but those charges have been dropped. three officers are being investigated. one has been suspended. steelers quarterback ben roethlisberger will not be charged with sexual assault after an accusation by a college student last month. roethlisberger said yesterday that he is happy to put this case behind him. >> i absolutely want to be the leader this team deserved, valued in the community and a role model to kids. i have much work to do to earn this trust and i'm committed to improving and showing everyone my true values. >> the district attorney in georgia said yesterday there was
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not enough evidence to prosecute. >> we are not condoning mr. roethlisberger's actions that night. but we do not prosecute morals. we prosecute crimes. >> roethlisberger meets with the nfl commissioner today and could still face league punishment. well, the vatican you been veiled a new policy for handling cases of sex abuse, meanwhile a top church official said celibacy had nothing to do with the issue of priests molesting children. elane key plan know reports. >> reporter: from a catholic church in crisis, mixed messages from officials. on a trip to chilwhich i will c, the vatican's number 2 said i've been told there is a relationship between hoe mow sex h. sexuality and pedophilia. that is the truth. i read in a document brin by psychologists, so that is the problem. that prompted outrage from gay rights groups, including the human rights campaign which told cbs news, quote, as reputable
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studies have proven and common sense bears out, there is no connection between gay people and pedophilia. when the church makes gay people a escape goat for pedophiles, it ignores one problem and creates oots. and from a lone priest at st. michael's in east long meadow, mass marks outrage over the church's handling of the sex abuse scandal. >> they have not admitted to the coverup. they are in constant denial. >> reporter: father james, a long time critic of the church's response to the sex abuse scandal, blasted the church's hierarchy. >> if by the slimmest of chance the pope and his bishops didn't know, then they should resign because of total complete ignorance, incompetence and ir responsibility. >> reporter: against that backdrop, the vatican for the first time spelled out on its website the procedures it says bishops must follow in abuse cases, including, quote, civil law concerning reporting of crimes to the appropriate
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authorities. a takes set acknowledgement that the church's past policies have failed to protect some of its most vulnerable members. key lane key th elaine quijano, cbs news, new york. the third and final spacewalk for the "discovery" crew this morning. astronauts installed a new ammonia coolant tank outside the station. here's a live picture for you. it's one of the main objectives on this issue, but there are problems with a stuck valve and a misaligned bolt. a terrifying high wire act in china. check it out. a 3-year-old girl was a bit shaky as she walked on a thin wire with six hungry sigh bee r beerers directly below her. and at one point, she fell. my goodness. but her safety harness thankfully stop her fall. she was not hurt. but she said she was afraid of the tigers. i think we all would be.
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well, here's a guy who knows no fear. dave price joins us with a check of the weather. good morning. >> i'm on the phone with child protective services right now. is anyone at home wondering what i am? why is a 3-year-old girl on a high wire above a bunch of tigers in china? if you find out, drop me an e-mail. folks, let's take a check of the weather, see what's happening. we is a couple of exceptions to the rule along the seern halfea of the country. showers in northern sections of the great lakes and some mid atlantic states. most of the rain should miss the new york area for that big yankees opener today. look at this. actually lower midwest into sections of the southern plains look terrific. we have rain from the dakotas on down to sections of texas and some significant mountain snow in places like great falls. west coast says good-bye to what
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that's a quick look at your weather. some significant rains yesterday. san diego, los angeles, all that now moving north. and that's what's causing the major snows in sections of the northern rockies. >> and all the bed weather that we saw in california over the weekend led to a dramatic rescue that you'll see. coming up, ter's being called angels, the two heros who saved a california woman swept away by those raging waters. also if you're coming up short when it comes to college tuition, we'll show you some secrets to help you get the most out of financial aid. and conan o'brien's surprise
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return to late night. we were there as he kicked off his latest comedy tour and we can bring you all the information about where he's going and when. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. [ female announcer ] grass stains, believe it or not,
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there was a 74-year-old trapped in 50 degree woman. time was of the essence and these rescuers got there just in time. we'll talk to them exclusively ahead this morning. >> announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by mastercard. there are some things money can't buy. for everything else, there's mastercard.
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welcome back to "the early show." >> it is a tuesday morning at 7:30. and we know what conan o'brien is planning to do next. he is just full of surprises. we you now know that he has a new show on cable. we'll give you all the details about when that's getting started. he's also kicked off his new comedy tour. we'll bring you a live report on all the goings on involving conan ahead this morning. and it's crunch time for parents sending your kids off to college. you have to decide by may 1st where are you going to go. sometimes it's a matter of can i afford it or not. you can go back to your financial aid officer and say the school down the street made me a better offer. if you want to --
7:31 am
>> is that right ? >> we'll tell you how to do it. but first, it was a delicate rescue. a california woman with us plucked out of some very turbulent water and it was caught a tape. betty nguyen has more. janet hogan was down to her last breath. she was out with her son and husband when the car crashed flipping into a raging canal. witnesses could only watch as 74 jld janet hogan battled a powerful current to stay afloat. she had already escaped car crash that killed her husband and son. >> i can't really answer any questions specific to the cause, whether the car was accelerating, whether he lost control. >> reporter: heavy rain transformed a walnut creek water way into a raging river, moving nearly 20 miles an hour, hogan was carried three miles from the crash site. she managed to stay afloat long enough for a california highway patrol helicopter crew to
7:32 am
arrive. the rescue team moved quickly after spotting owe began go under. and on the second try, pulled her unconscious body from the 50 degree water to safety. now hogan is no doubt lucky to be alive. this was a difficult rescue. the firefighters seen hoisting her out of the water dislocated his shoulder and tore a ligament during that rescue. >> we'll talk to him right now and his partner. joining us exclusively this morning from concord, california, the two heros who saved janet's wlf. firefighter dave manzeck was the guy you saw lowered into the water, broughtler out and controlling the hoist inside the chopper was shaun bouyea. gentlemen, good morning. >> good morning. >> shaun, you were the first to spot janet in the water. describe what you saw. >> i saw the lady treading water
7:33 am
and trying to stay afloat the best she could. >> you could tell she was alive though, still? >> yes, i could see her head only. the rest of her body was submerged. >> so your first attempt is you throw down the lean by itself. what happens? >> she went underneath us. we were unable to lower the line quick enough to her. >> so then you see her go down, what was it, a 15 foot water fall? >> yes, she went over a little water fall and she went under water and then popped up by two to three more times. >> so even after all that, she is still hanging on. at that point you decide to bring dave in, so you hook him up to the line and lower him down into the water. i'd like to ask you, dave, now if i may, as you were going down into the water, and this water is moving at 20 miles an hour, what were conditions like and what were you thinking? >> what you're seeing on the film, that is my second attempt. the water is going estimated
7:34 am
about 20 miles an hour. you're fighting the wind of the helicopter and just trying your best to hold on. in doing so, we are trained very well with my department and with chp, we train together, and just do what you're trained. grab them and get them on to the land for safety. >> but when you first got in the water, she had disappeared depend, hadn't she? >> correct. yes. fortunately for me, shaun dropped me down a little bit into the water. i got kind of in the churn is what we call it, so i was actually under water a little bit. during that time, her head hit my knee and then i kicked her out and was able to kick her out on to a nice rock. and then readjust and then come back in for what you saw on the camera. and then she was in cardiac
7:35 am
arrest that time. wrought h brought her to the shore and the paramedics brought her back to life and i actually got to see her in the hospital room three doors down from me. we were in the same hospital. and get to get a hug and a little kiss on the cheek. so it worked out real good. >> i know because you're very humble as you describe it, but you were under water for ten seconds and i know that you couldn't breathe at that point either. and you dislocated your shoulder which is why we see you wearing the sling. so i'd like to ask your partner, since you don't seem to be wanting to take enough credit, shaun, describe what dave does to save this woman and how significant it is. >> dave went above and beyond what the normal rescuer is sp t expected to do. dave is very strong and athletic. he was able to hold on with one hand and pull her out of the
7:36 am
rushing water. >> unfortunately, you were able to save everybody that day, gentlemen, so it was a good day because janet is alive, but a heartbreaking day at the same time, wouldn't you say, dave? >> absolutely. i absolutely agree with that. that's well said. >> her husband and her son are gone, but she owes you two the world ap. and i commend both of you. thank you so much. >> thank you, maggie. complain 36 now. 7:36 now. >> great story. very impressive work on both their parts beforen 36 now. 7:36 now. >> great story. very impressive work on both their parts before dave is at the weather board. >> i'll try to do some impressive work. may not deliver, but i'll try. we'll check in the northern great lakeses in section of the mid atlantic states. cooler temperatures and great skies, potentially some rain for these areas, as well. much of the rest of the eastern half of the country looks really
7:37 am
nice. look at these temperatures in florida. into the 80s. the southeast will be basked in sunshine. great plains, 70s and 80s down to the southern plains. now, we see a little bit of a cold front that will slip on through. as it does, rain will advance just ahead of that front line. as we go out west, there yesterday, southern california had pretty heavy rains. now that system moved to the north and it's delivering snow. six to eight inches of snow during the daylight hours in places like great falls and a couple more inches as we head into the overnight tonight. craig, you'll see some rough weather, as well. so watch it on the roadways if you're
7:38 am
clouds and showers with temperatures in the 30s and 40s throughout several portions of alaska. into the 80s with a mix of sun and clouds throughout beautiful hawaiian islands. that's a quick look at your weather picture. up next, financial aid 101. we've got advice on how to get the money you need to send your kid to college. when we come back. >> reporter: he served as ♪
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in this morning's "moneywatch," student financial aid. the average college tuition is $24,000. but 20% of students pay at least $36,000 per year and many chemicals want students to commit to their financial aid packages by may 1st. cbs news business and economics correspondent rebecca jarvis is here with important information and help to get us all through
7:42 am
these tough days before may 1. you went to the university of chicago? >> i did. >> do you remember what your tuition was? >> it was too much. but it worth it. it was almost 200 houd at the end of the whole four year, however, i paid for most of it with scholarships, leoans and grants and this is the time people need to find those. how much was yours? >> when i started, $1290. >> the good old days. >> we thought it was a fortune. we thought it was, oh, my gosh, how are you going to do that. but you work three jobs and you get some skol similar hips. much more difficult today, though. and we're talking about due thags's up 25% from 2004. >> it's up take 25% and not only that, we're looking at debt levels up 25%. the average student is coming out of college right now with $23,000 in debt. and you know as well as anyone with the economy in the state that it is in and job security
7:43 am
such a question mark, the last thing you want to do is be saddled with that amount of debt. >> so as kids have gotten tear acceptances and they're sitting there saying maybe they've been accepted two or three places, maybe they can do some bar beginning. if you're going to look at what's in your financial aid package, what are the most important things to look for? >> first of all, fill out the fafsa. this is the application for federal aid, the federal government sets aside for work study, for grants as well as loans. on top of that, you can go back to the university, i did this, my sister did this, many people i know did this at this point in time. you go back and you negotiate. how do you do it? >> yeah, what's leverage on your side? >> the leverage on your side, a couple of things. first of all, those alternative offers that you brought up. if you got invited to go to more than one institution, let the one you really want to attend know that there are some better bids out there and you want to
7:44 am
attend. >> some people don't want to do that. they think it's risky. they don't want to offend the one they really want to go to. >> it's all in the sales pitch. you can do it in a way that's respectful to the institution. institutions recognize right now better than ever that it is a tough time for people. so if your finances have changed, for example, you can tell them your finances have changed. also tell them how your s.a.t. and a.c.t. scores did. if yours are stronger, they'll more likely to help you. >> in the end, who is the best person to talk to? >> fly up the flag pole. you want to go to the top individuals. don't waste your time talking to an operator who will basically tell you to take a hike. go to the financial aid director, go to the director of admissions or go to a coach or recruiter, someone was interested in you over the school year, talk to them. >> thanks so much, do appreciate it. you're watching "the early show" on cbs.
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conan o'brien announced he will not go to fox, he will instead move his show to tbs. and then jalen they announced he will also move h his though tbs. late night comics already making fun of conan o'brien's decision to get back on tv on tbs. really? >> a shocker. a lot of people thought he'd go fox. >> his first guest will be charles barkley. >> very good. but unlike jay leno at nbc, george lopez welcomed him and encouraged him to come. >> in fact he went to lopez and said we won't do it you cans you're okay with this. >> keep in mind the average age of gormg lopez's viewer, 33
7:49 am
years old. they're betting on a young demo. it's and he have intere very in. there were issues with the fox affiliates not wanting to carry the show. they wanted to keep the local dollars in the affiliates. >> i wonder what it will be called. >> i'll tell you his comedy tour is called the legally prohibited from being funny on television tour. we'll talk about that comedy tour about, the new show, and a whole lot more with dalton ross from "entertainment weekly." don't go away. compacted, drained of nutrients. it'll hold your plants but it'll also hold 'em back. the solution: miracle-gro garden soil. the perfect mix of rich, organic ingredients, and miracle-gro plant food. just mix it in. and turn bad soil into great soil. helps plants grow twice as big. instead of holding 'em back, they'll leap ahead. miracle-gro garden soil. and moisture control garden soil.
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that's not good. so much for the beautiful spring weather. >> just a little bit of a break today. a little cooler temperatures rolling through some sections of the northeast. tomorrow better again. >> excellent. >> welcome back to "the early show." i'm harry smith along with maggie rodriguez and dave price. coming up, a new study shows that people can reduce their risk of getting alzheimer's disease -- this is very interesting. i'll put jennifer ashton on the -- fwrgrill her about this, because if it's true, it's really significant. they're talking about reducing the risk of alzheimer's new
8:01 am
diet. we'll find out more from her. also companan on cable. will his new show on tbs fly? we'll talk to dalton ross from "entertainment weekly." >> first let's find out what betty nguyen has to say. she's standing by at the news desk inside. good morning. the second and final day of the nuclear summit hosted pie president obama gets under way this morning. today's formal sessions will follow yesterday's one-on-one meetings. the object? to keep terrorists in rogue states from getting nuclear material. china says it will work with the u.s. on possible sanctions against iran and ukraine agreed to give up its weapons grade uranium. >> this is something that the united states has tried to make happen for more than ten years. the material is enough to construct several nuclear weapons. >> and canada announced it's returning a significant amount of its spent nuclear fuel to the
8:02 am
u.s. this morning the ousted president of courage stand says he's ready to resign if the interim government will guarantee his safety. he fled the capital last week, but offered to meet with the new leaders in his hometown where he is hold up. the bodies of lech kaczynski along with the first lady are lying in state this morning. they were killed with 94 other officials in a plane crash last weekend. the funeral will take place on saturday. investigators say pilot area is probably to for the crash. the pilot was trying to land in dense fog. state officials in tennessee are trying to determine if the woman who sent her adopted son back to russia on an airplane will be charged with a crime. torry hansen is so far refusing to talk with authorities unless a charge is filed. meanwhile russia has threatened to freeze adoptions for hundreds of u.s. families.
8:03 am
earlier, the u.s. ambassador to russia told harry that they're working on the problem. >> we need to do more on both sides to make sure that the welfare of the children is taken care of, that the placement in the families is correct. adoption takes a lot of work on both sides, but i think both the russian and the american government are committed now to doing everything we can to making sure that incidents like this just can't happen again. >> americans adopted nearly 1600 russian children last year. and a desperate search is under way in central florida for a missing 11-year-old girl who suffers from an autism related disorder called as perfectinger syndrome. that you had i can nadia bloom disappeared friday. before she disappeared, she had read a book about a girl who decided to go camping in her backyard. so far, no trace of nadia has been found. katie couric now has a
8:04 am
preview of tonight's "cbs evening news." >> i'm katie couric in port-au-prince. it has been three months since the earthquake. what's become of the children of haiti? as you can see, some of the lucky ones are back in school. i'll have that story and much more tonight only on the "cbs evening news." >> want to take you back outside now. dave price with another check of the weather. you know you're having a bad day when take you your mobile document shredder to do a job and then it's towed away. when you get outside, you're like, hey, didn't i park a truck here? nice to see you, everyone. bummer for them, huh? but good for you. you're on national tv. want to say hello to our friends at the crohn's and colitis foundation. they have these great walks all over the country. if you're not familiar with crohn's and colitis, you should be. they're trying to unlock the key, trying to eliminate the suffering. all that takes money.
8:05 am
and if you want to get involved, a great way to do it, logon to and their walks which are going on all spring and summer. so nice to see you all. thank you for your great work. let's take a check of the weather. see what's happening all across the country, shall we? april snow, yes, that is the case. as you head to sections of bozeman and communities in that area, you're talking about 6 to 8 inches today. move eastward a few hundred miles, you're talking about temperatures in the 70s, near 80 degrees. widen out the map as we take a look at places like the southeast, absolutely picture perfect before northeast pretty good. keep in mind we're in a little bit of a cloudy umbrella today and as you head to places like philly and down even close to washington, you may need a real umbrella. california clears out nice will he after heavy rains yesterday and showers in h the dakotas stretching down to sections of texas. that's a quick look at o
8:06 am
>> announcer: this weather report sponsored by trugreen. call 866-true you gregreen toda healthy green lawn. trugreen, go greener. that's a quick look at your weather forecast. as we've been reporting, conan o'brien is heading back to tv. cable tv. cbs news correspondent ben tracy reports.
8:07 am
>> let's go, conan. >> reporter: his fans calling themselves team coco have made conan's tour a sellout. >> coco is back. >> reporter: but it remains to be seen if they'll follow him to tbs, the cable network better known for movies and reruns. in a tongue in cheek statement, o'brien said in three months i've gone from network television to twitter, to performing live in theaters, and now i'm headed to basic cable. my plan is working perfectly. >> i think it's a great thing for conan. here he's kind of getting his own network. we'll see tbs turn into the conan network. >> reporter: in january, o'brien was ousted as host of the "tonight show" after a ratings nose dive let him with only about 2 million viewers. >> i may be soon be available for children parties. >> imagine how tbs would feel if those millions of people that watched conan on the "tonight show" now witched over to tbs. they'd be thrilled. >> reporter: conan's new show
8:08 am
begins in november airing at 11:00 p.m. and reaching about 60% of the country. ironically, that bumps george lopez's show to midnight, but unlike at nbc, lopez welcomed the change on his show last night. >> everybody's heard of i'm with coco, but now everybody with loco. >> reporter: tbs is trying to brand itself as a comedy forrer house. but they will have stiff competition from another comedic duo, jon stewart and steven company bear. so a new hate night race is just getting started. ben tracy, cbs news, hollywood. >> conan launched his new live comedy tour last night in eugene, oregon and that's where dalton voss this morni dalton ross is this morning. i know you were there for the show last night. you're standing on the very stage where conan kicked off his legally prohibited from being funny on television tour. how was it? >> yeah, i figure if i got on
8:09 am
stage, maybe i'll get a late might deal, as well pep last night we saw conan doing something we haven't seen in a long time and that's having fun. he was singing, he was playing his gi tuitar. he was running up and down the aisles hugging fans and stuff and he's not going to be on tv for another seven months, but he really seemed like a free man and his first line out of the gate really pointed on-to-that where he said i'm pot supposed to admit this, but i really miss the applause. and i think he did and i think he got a big dose of it last night. >> i'm sure he misses being on tv. he'll be back there coming up very soon in november on tbs. did he talk about that at all last night? >> he referenced it right at the start. the news came out yesterday a few hours before the show, so he said, you know, you may have heard i have a new job. and in typical self-deprecating style, he said i'll be working in the cord roy department at the local banana republic. so if the deal doesn't work out, at least he is it have a backup.
8:10 am
>> because there's no question it's a risk. >> well, i think it's a smart move. it's a savvy move. a lot of people were caught off guard by it, but it's already been established that conan in terms of mass numbers cannot compete with jay and dave. so even if he went to fox or another network, that wasn't going to change. by going to cable, he's taken his game to another field. he is now competing with jon stewart and stephen colbert, he's not expected to have these mass numbers. as long as he brings his younger audience to tbs, it will be successful. >> when you consider 2500 people, young people, went to see that show last night, he's got 30 or more cities to go, if can he get this young revolution ala president obama to follow him, it could be huge. >> that's exactly right. and people are so behind him because of what he's gone through the past few months. you're finding people that maybe weren't even originally conan fans but seeing the way he's gone through this whole situation and handled himself, now they relate to him.
8:11 am
and it really plays to his best comedic strengths. he spent the entire show last night sort of making fun of his predicament and casting himself as this sort of like guy that's been trying to get back into shape. literally get back in for shape. that was the opening showed him fat, beard, looking like he was eating pizza all day and now he's getting back h to the groove. >> and he has george lopez on his side, which is huge because it's ironic that he bumped george lopez from that slot like jay leno did to him. but there's no animosity at all. >> no, i think it could be good for george lopez. i think george lopez at midnight following conan will probably be better than george lopez alone at 11:00. it definitely puts the spotlight on tbs and late night and that will help both conan and george lopez i think. >> we'll see. dole t dalton ross, thanks so much. up next, can certain kinds of food protect from you alzheimer's? we'll have the latest research when we return. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. [ male announcer ] bobby sinclair.
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8:15 am
in this morning's "health watch," fighting alzheimer's with food. alzheimer's affects 5.3 million americans. there is no cure. but there may be a way to help prevent it. this is a beg story this morning. dr. jennifer ashton is here with some new research. between morni good morning. what is the headline here, we're talking about a 40% lowering of risk for alzheimer's by doing severally what? >> eating well. let's talk about the study. it was done out of columbia university. they looked at over 2,000 people in the new york area over the age of 65, followed them for an average of four years. and found that those who ate a relatively healthy diet, and we'll talk about what that means, had up to a 40% reduced risk of developing alzheimer's. >> do you know how big a headline that is?
8:16 am
>> that's huge. >> alzheimer's affected my father, my father-in-law, every family in america has been affected by that. if you could roll it back by 40% just by eating differently? >> and much better to prevent it than to treat it once it's started. so what they found was that not just specific foods, but foods in combination with each other had a protective effect. so we're talking about foods that were high in vitamins e and b-12, high in folate and owe may xwa 3 fatty as sids. so things like nut, fish, salmon or oily physicians, leaf if i green vegetables. >> and these are the things that we talk about on a regular basis being heart healthy and all these other kinds of things. so basically if you're on this line of food, it will pay all kinds of dividends. >> you don't want to take all the fun out life, but thing like high in butter or cheeses or brie which i on personally love, high in red meat, we're not saying never, but this moderation.
8:17 am
>> is there anything else in the research about lifestyle factors? >> the things that are good for your heart are also good for your brain and vice versa. so keep your weight down, minimize tack bow company, alcohol use and exercise. this isn't the only piece of the puzzle, but probably a big part of it. >> you would certainly think that would be a red flag for a lot of people. if they really -- if this is really predictive, and i'm sure this will be gone on we have a fine tooth comb, if this is really predictive, it's a huge, huge -- >> very important and important to start early. >> let's talk about this other sort of significant study done with alzheimer's and driving. what is the headline here? >> this is a critically and very difficult decision that many families are someone with always timer's will have to make. we know people with alzheimer's can be at greater risk for motor vehicle accidents and it can be difficult to know when do you that. the bottom line is it needs to be individualized.
8:18 am
but there can be some signs. if you have an older person who is putting on less miles as the time goes by, that might be one sign. >> it would be an indication to you as a caregiver. >> you might want to reevaluate how often they're driving. if they're avoiding certain driving situations, if they're having little fender-benders or increased accidentses, getting minor violations, or they're having aggressive or impulsive habits, that's not someone you you want behind the wheel. >> is there like a test or something that you can say dad we need to take to you so-and-so? >> there's no one definitive test. it's a combination of factors. but you want to talk to your doctor and get behind the situation before it becomes a problem. >> doctor, thank you very much. tomorrow dr. ashton will have important information for expectant parents about newborn screening tests. and still to come, if you're watching your pennies, but want your home to look like a million bucks, we'll show you how to
8:19 am
decorate it without breaking the bank. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. >> announcer: cbs health wap oig sponsored by thermacare heat wraps. if you have pain, get up to 16 long hours of relief with thermacare heat wraps. how can you get back pain relief that lasts up to 16 hours? with thermacare® heat wraps. that's 8 hours while you wear it, plus an additional 8 hours of relief after you take it off! when i put it on the heat really releases all the muscles and the tension that i have in my lower back. [ spokesperson ] thermacare® delivers heat that penetrates deep, to relax, soothe, and unlock tight muscles. you've got to try it, because once you try it you'll be hooked. [ spokesperson ] go to for a $3 off coupon, and get up to 16 hours of pain relief... with thermacare®. nutri-grain -- one good decision... can lead to another. ♪
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made with real fruit and now with more... of the whole grains your body needs. nutri-grain can help you eat better all day.
8:21 am
new sfuddy on bad hair days and women. 44% said their mood was affect wood and i bad hair day. 26% have cried after a haircut. have you? >> it was high school, but i threw a fit. >> i had a bad hair phase. >> years? >> i was a young reporter -- >> that's not bad. >> i was 24 and i was trying to look older. >> excuse me, paging clark contents. lois is waiting for you. >> and i thought it was great. i didn't think it was bad at all. >> it's endearing.
8:22 am
>> my bangs were lopsided. my mom chopped them off with the kitchen scissors. >> let me get my steno. >> i looked like a librarian. >> you've never had a bad hair day? >> take the bowl, put it around and cut. >> and you? >> never have once. >> not in about 30 years. >> all right. so there you have it. we can feel your pain. >> do we have a picture of dave? >> no, although i had straight bangs when i went to college, so my junior year, i actually got perm. it was brutal. i looked like mike brady. i walked in looking bad. i walked out looking like mike brady. what did i just -- >> that's the picture that we need. >> it was horrific. i took a dork and actually downgraded myself. i'm like, oh, the ladies are
8:23 am
going to -- ♪
8:24 am
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doesn't it make you feel like jazzerizing? aerobics, right, the music? >> it's very retro aerobics to me. >> nothing makes me feel like jazzerizing. >> olivia new tan john's get physical, right? >> i'm feeling it. >> 8:30 here. chilly in the northeast, but dave promises it's only temporary. so we're hoping. coming up once again, back by popular demand, retail versus resale. have you ever played? this is my favorite game. susan koeppen comes in and she brings things like clothes and jewelry, today it's home furnishings, and she says you can it tell which one is retail and which one is resale. and the point is how you can
8:31 am
save a lot. also ahead, to spank or not to spank. that is the question facing countless parents every day. we'll tell you about a new study that help make you make up your mind. >> did you hear that lady behind me? she said spank. >> spank a lot. plus they're not from harvard and they don't sale, but the comedy group known as harvard's sailing team has some hilarious videos getting hundreds of thousands of hitting and you will meet the comedians. >> but first our resident comedian who is occasionally funny. >> thank you. >> dave price. >> that's underwell himming. thank you very much. what colleagues. nice to see you. let's take a check of the weather. a shout out to all of our buddies in huntsville at whnt tv, right? you work at the station and your name is -- >> lauren gilly. >> she's taking a sick day and will be term natured for showing up on national television. nice to see you. let's take a check of the
8:32 am
weather. see what's happening all across the country. a couple of gray skies here in the tri-state area of new york. for the rest of you, it is new york, connecticut and new jersey. showers to the south. looks like we'll see better weather as we head into tomorrow. much of the country really looking good as you head to the southeast, it's gorgeous.great plains look great. we do have showers stretching to the northern section of the great lakes. but the big trouble is going to be right around great falls, montana where you'll see six to eight inches of snow. maybe more in higher elevations. dry out in california. tomorrow we'll see scattered rumbles of thunder across the southern plains. windy and warm in the middle section of the country. and anywhere in the southeast,
8:33 am
great golf weather. nicer and sunshine here i that's a quick look at your weather picture. now with more on spanking, here's harry. we've always heard spare the rod, spoil the child. turns out the opposite may be true. a new study in the journal pediatric suggests that spanking and other forms of corporal punishment could lead to
8:34 am
aggressive behavior from the kids. i remember as a kid there was some paddle, this wooden paddle, that was kept at hand all the time and was used with some degree of regularity in our house hold. were you spanked is this. >> i was spanked all the time. i was a terrible kid. but we turned out okay. here we are, right? >> i don't know, you should ask my psychiatrist. this is a trend over the last 50 years or so, this whole thing of corporal punishment is bad in every way, shape or form. you do the radio show. what was the feedback like? >> a school psychologist called and said some kids are just aggressive and she knows kids that were not hit as children that she's known for 20 years and she said they're just aggressive children. and that's the important part of the study. there are certain children that are born with aggressive tendencies. >> let's look at the study because it's 2500 mothers and it tracked pretty considerable
8:35 am
amount of time. and what are the specifics here? 46% no spanking at all. >> and then they had a percentage of women, 28%, that had spanked the children one to two times in the last month. and then 26% that said they spanked two or more times in the last month. >> and what did they learn about the kids as a result of the spanking? >> here's what's important about the study. the trole for moms who were maybe alcoholics or depressed or that were already in an aggressive environment, that's what's new about this study. and they found that those moms, that there was nothing else going on but spanking, caused aggressive children. that by the time the child was five, they were aggressive, they were bullies, they were bullying siblings, bullying fellow students. but the caution is, so if you have a child that's aggressive, yes, you are encouraging their aggressive tendencies. but if you have a child that's aggressive, they're going to be aggressive. >> and you have ideas about
8:36 am
alternative kinds of behavior modification as it were. as opposed to using spanking. let's go through some of them. >> you can't reason with a 3-year-old. you can try, but the brain is not developed yet to understand korns que cones quenlss of reasoning. but they come understand you can't play with your favorite toy, see your favorite friend. those consequences make more sense. so if you don't want to spank that's another alternative. >> and sometimes trying to really reinforce the positive behavior, how well does that work? >> if you're going to punish the negative behavior, you've got to encourage the positive behavior. for some kids, positive reinforcement, much more effective. >> how about time-outs. do time-outs work? >> time-outs work only if you explain why you're giving a time-out. if you're just sitting on the step and you're going why am i on this step, it's not going to have any affect whatsoever. but you say to the child here's why you're in a time-out because you pulled the dog's ear.
8:37 am
we don't want you to do that. that's why you're sitting here. >> and you have to enforce the time-out. >> exactly. consequence is very important. you can't say i'm giving you a time-out -- >> 24 hours is probably too long. >> well, it depends on the child. >> you also say parents, though, should -- as their tempers are starting to go up, they're the ones who probably ought to be thinking about taking a time-out. >> you have to say to yourself i'm the one that needs the time-out, i need to breathe, calm down before i react to my child's bad behavior. >> cooper lawrence, thanks so much. do appreciate it. and we ten our retail versus resale series this morning with the home edition. americans spend more than $7 billion every year on home furnishings and decor. but sprucing up your house doesn't have to cost a fortune. as susan koeppen is here to show us. good morning. >> good morning. >> i love this game. >> this is a fun game. >> i usually do really well like with clothing and jewelry, but
8:38 am
i've been looking at all this and i don't think i'm going to do as well. >> we have a beautiful living room set, so it's a little tricky this morning. >> i never really thought of buying home furnishings resale. is this this a good time to do that? and why is that? >> it's a really good time because think about it, it's springtime. every's doing some spring cleaning. so they are getting rid of what they think is junk. it may be a treasure for you. >> test me. >> so let's start with the chairs. we have these two orange chairs. nice fluffy, nice material. it's your job to tell me which one you think is resale. and the folks at home can play along, as well. >> this is hard because the fabric is in great shape. the legs are not scratched on either one. this looks more threat troe, but that could be in style. so a complete guess, i'm going to say this one is resale. >> this one in front of me is the retail. you are standing in front of resale. and if you take a look at the difference in 38 for the
8:39 am
resale, $190 for the retail. >> unbelievable. it's in great, great shape. >> so let's move on to the vases. so we have a green one, a blue one, one is italian hand blown glass and the difference in price is a whopper here. so take a guess. which one is resale? >> oh, my gosh. i think this is a better quality vase. i'm going to say retail/resale. >> the blue is retail? okay. no, the opposite. the green one is the retail versus the resale which is the blue one. we're talking $300 for the green vase, four bucks for the blue one. >> i did think it this was a better quality advice vase, but i thought maybe you found a great, great quality vase at a retail store, which is not impossible. >> very possible, but that is a huge difference in price.
8:40 am
>> so i'm losing. >> picture frames. the exact same frames. one at a retail shop, one at a thrift shop. >> oh, my. a few scratches, so i'm going to say resale, retail. >> you got this one right. so we're talking $10 versus $25. so into the huge difference in price, but it's the exact same frame and if you're willing to deal with a couple of scratches that you can fill in with a black marker or whatever, a better bar begin for the resale. >> but when you buy something resale, you have to realize that you'll have to keep it, right? can you return resale stuff? >> a couple things to think about. are there scratches, are there dents. is this furniture going to fit in my car, can i transport it, is it going to fit in my house, do i really like it. because most of these items from resale shops you can't return them if you don't like them. >> but if you don't like them, you didn't pay that much.
8:41 am
>> exactly. so you sell them at a garage sale. we're moving on to our lamps. >> i think this is a trick because the beige one looks like the older one, but i'm going to guess that that one is retail and this one is resale. >> so the dark one -- >> i'm going to guess is resale. >> you got this time. >> so the dark one is resale compared to the white one which is retail. $80 compared to 150 bucks. >> very nice. >> and then we have the matching shades, so you could actually pair them, they look like two great lamps. >> they really to. this is in perfect shape. i would want this for my house. >> we can give to you after the segment. so i want everyone to take take look at this living room. a lot of the othertems that we didn't talk about were also resale. this couch was case that we have in here was resale. the coffee table was resale. so if you you take those items plus the other resale items we have in the room, the orange chair, the lamp, the picture
8:42 am
frames, $467 if you wanted to redo your living room with resale products. less than 500 bucks to redo your living room. >> did it require a lot of digging and going to a lot of different stores? >> that is also the key. going to a lot of different stores, being very open to what you're looking at. and here's another tip. make friends with the people who work at these stores. so if you're looking for an orange chair because you know it will match your couch and your pillow, let's them know that. get on their mailing list, give them your phone number so they can call you and say we got an orange chair just walked in the door. >> good job. thank you so much. for more information on resale ver is you retail, just go on it is the latest twist on he said/she said. and it's a big hit on youtube. the members of the new york comedy group harvard sailing team traded gender roles and here is the result. >> hai, honey, how is it going,
8:43 am
what are you coming, who are you with, are you doing something cool any want to know what you're doing and who you're talking to and i want to know everything you're doing and i don't want to act like i'm being annoying, just answer my questions. i love you, too, buy. >> well, what did she say? >> i'm like i don't know, when you called me like five minutes ago, i'm watching football. >> kevin will call me when he gets off the subway and he's walking to the apartment. i'm like what are we two to go talk about when you get here? >> it's like a continuous stream of talking. >> i hate talking. no way. >> and here are the members of the harvard sailing team. christoph good morning to you all. boy, did that mirror real life.. boy, did that mirror real life. whose idea was to begin with is this. >> i think it was chris' actually. >> i'll take that.
8:44 am
yeah, it was my idea. >> he wrote the girls acting like guys first. that was the first script that was written. >> and when you read it, what did you think? >> i was thinking, oh, my god, if i have to learn sports terminology, i'm going to be in really good trouble. >> but did it ring true to you? that's the most important thing. >> yeah. i thought -- i definitely know those guys. i could definitely relate in a nonreal way. >> in a nonreal way. so then that seemed to work. so who came up with the dwlad we should flip it around then? >> it was sort of a collective idea, i think. >> we're a team of half guys and half girls, so every time there's an all girls sketch, you want there to be an all guys sketch. >> you can go in and out of character? if i wanted to have a conversation with you, could you be -- talk like a guy? >> you yeah, probably. i mean, i think i'd have to like, you know, get comfortable. >> that's certainly helpful. >> and what is the thing as a guy that's most annoying to you
8:45 am
when your girlfriend or spouse calls you on the phone? what bupgbugs you the most, sir? >> so you want to know where and when and i can't even understand what you're saying because you're talking so fast. >> so that's very good. that's very good. on the other side of it, then, as a female, sir -- >> yes, ma'am. >> and your spousal equivalent or whatever is on the phone with you, or in the same room with you, what irks you the most about their absence of communication? >> here's the thing, i don't know if it's the fact that we're talking too fast, just that they don't listen well enough, listen fast enough. and feel fast enough. you know what i'm saying? it's that they don't listen and feel hard and fast enough i think is the problem. >> i think that may be universally true. now, do you have any feelings about this as a man about what's wrong with women and why it is
8:46 am
they -- what's frustrating to you as a male about the way females communicate in. >> i just don't understand like why you're talking to me, why we can't just have the it t have not and the sports playing, you know what i'm saying? just put on the football. >> i do. >> if i can -- if you can talk and i can watch the football, we could get along. >> because here's the thing. is this crazy thing that women actually want your attention when they're having a conversation with you? >> i'm having a hard time. >> and wheat deal with that, right? and how frustrating is to you because all you're looking for is a moment or two of recognition, to be able to come in after a hard day's work and to lift their eyes away from sports center to even a n a nasecond to say it's so great to see you. >> you get it. you get it. i just want to hug you. he gets it. you get us. >> you're the only one that really understands.
8:47 am
>> your wife is so lucky. because you get it. >> well, i've been trained. 20 some years of, you know, really serious behavior modification. so do do you this in clubs then, too, yonbeyond the youtube? >> we have a live weekly show at the pit in new york and we've sort of traveled around the country doing stuff. we just it a show at the kennedy center in washington, d.c. >> very nice. i think you may be digging into rich comedic material there. all human sore based in grievance, and lord knows we have plenty of those. harvard sailing team, thank you very much. we'll take a break. we'll be right back. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. 3q
8:48 am
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the lysol no-touch hand soap system. never touch a germy soap pump again.
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now, the interesting question is can men and women laugh at themselves or do they find that amusing. >> i think it's hilarious. >> you do. >> because we're talking about stereotypes and how people respond and there is a chasm, this thing about what men find important and how tolerant they are. >> we find everything important and we don't understand why you guys don't. >> that's well said. >> it's funny except when you're in the moment and your husband tells you so tell knee story again? and you start and he drifts away and you're like but you told me to tell you the story. don't ask me for the story. >> or he acts like he's listening and then you catch him not having any clue as to what you just said. >> or are those shoes new? no, i got them five years ago and they don't pay attention. >> here eathis is based on the
8:51 am
moment of communication after a long day. do you keeped agendas? >> no, score is what you're looking for. >> it's a list that's miles long of all of the minutia of a given day that you feel like has to be disseminated. >> no, of course not. it's not that calculated. >> what kind of a question is that? >> they just come out of our mouths and we want to talk about it. it's our experience. >> plus you're seeing your husband for the first time after a long day. >> why don't men want to talk? >> dave hasn't said a word. >> exactly. >> i'm just sitting here absorbing it all. because here's how i see it. men go at things very functionally. go in, do it, get it done, move on. >> he's on such thin ice now. >> what you're saying is you go
8:52 am
in, you do it, you talk about it, you talk about it more, you revisit it, you become unhappy with it you visit it again. >> who said that? >> it's a conversation. >> let's me ask you this. the day you got let's say a great haircut, and you came home and you're looking at this picture, i mean, we would say, you know what, it's not the greatest haircut, let's move on. >> no you would never say that to a woman. come on, right? >> you wouldn't, right? >> what? >> would you say your hair doesn't look great? >> which is a good question. when somebody says how do i look, do you want a real answer? >> i want a real answer, but just don't hurt my feelings too bad. does that make sense? >> we'll figure it out tomorrow maybe. >> have a great day, everybody. your local news is next. mm
8:53 am
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